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We offer lawn care and snow removal for your residential or commercial property on a seasonal or year-round basis. Our service area include Wasaga Beach, Stayner, Clearview, Collingwood. Our residential and commercial services include lawn mowing, grass cutting, lawn fertilizing, over seeding, landscaping, leaf clean-up and snow removal.

Grass Cutting

We keep your lawn healthy by regular grass cutting once a week. This will ensure cut no more than 1/3 of shoot length. We keep our lawn mower blades sharp, and cut at a height of seven to eight cm (two and a half to three inches). We leave clippings on the lawn to provide a natural source of nitrogen. Mowing once every two weeks or less is really not recommended and will cause your lawn to thin out. Mowing your lawn is followed by trimming of around your flower beds, trees and fence lines. We finish by blowing of the clippings from your driveway, walkway, patio and deck.

Weed Control

Your lawn needs regular weed control and fertilizing to stay thick. Fertilizing is very important to grass health and provides nutrients to outgrow weeds. By applying slow release fertilizer in May, June, September and October we make sure your lawn stay thick and healthy.

Over Seeding & Aerating

The best way to fight weeds is to have a thick lawn. By applying good quality mix grass seeds once in the spring and once in the fall we keep your lawn healthy and thicker. We remind you to regularly water your lawn after we over seed.

If your lawn is compacted it needs aeration to allow the oxygen to get to the roots. We aerate your lawn in spring or fall.

Snow Removal

We make your winter safe and hassle-free by providing reliable residential and commercial snow removal. We offer a wide range of snow clearing services - sidewalks, driveways and large parking lots.